M70 valve cover gasket replacement / oil spray bar check

While you’re re-sealing the intake manifold gaskets go ahead and change the valve cover gaskets as well, I bet they look kind of like this:

Valve cover gaskets after removal.


Inside of left valvecover, every part of the crankcase ventilation system was renewed as well.


My valve covers had som rusty spots on them, so I sandblasted the rust away and gave them some new paint.




Before re-installing the valve covers make sure to the check the banjo bolts for the oil-spray bars. On my engine there was only one (1) bolt per bar still firmly in place! Wipe the cam lobes down and inspect for damage. Luckily for me, the camshafts were still like new.

Loose banjo bolt.




I figured since the bolts have (sort of) stayed in place for the most part of this engine’s 289000 km life, safety wires and locking plates are a bit overkill. People are complaining about the threads being difficult to clean? Brake cleaner and compressed air will clean them right out. I applied Loctite thread lock to the bolts and re-installed them with confidence. A dab of MoS2 on the cam lobes and you’re done.

Re-installed bolt.



Spray bar re-installed.